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written & illustrated by Brittney Gavin


I am so excited to share with you my first, self-published children's book - Teddy's Special Nose. Publishing a children's book has been on my "to-do" list for a VERY long time. In 2020, I finally found space to dedicate time to this project. Keep scrolling to read about the true events that inspired this book and learn where you can purchase the e-book or paperback version!

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The Inspiration: Based on True Events 

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In my eyes, what set Teddy apart from other stuffed animals was his hard, plastic nose. As a child, I found comfort in falling asleep with the cold plastic against my cheek.


My family's first "Teddy is missing" scare happened at the mall. After returning home from a quick shopping trip, we realized Teddy was not in his usual spot (by my side, of course). Sleepless nights would pass without Teddy and, in an effort to console me, my parents bought me a brand new teddy bear that looked exactly like Teddy... almost. I informed my parents the new teddy bear wasn't the same because it "didn't have a special nose". My parents eventually found Teddy in the lost and found bin and the story of Teddy and his special nose began.

On my first Christmas, my parents gifted me a teddy bear that we would go on to (creatively) name "Teddy".

Teddy was a simple, Christmas-themed teddy bear. Little did my unsuspecting parents know, Teddy would become a central character in our household.

Unfortunately for my parents, the mall wouldn't be the only place I would lose Teddy. Teddy has had solo vacations in several Canadian provinces, a few States and has even crossed the Atlantic. Despite my best efforts to lose Teddy, my parents always managed to get him home to me.


Today Teddy sits on my closet shelf as a symbol of the great lengths my parents have gone to in the name of my happiness. Teddy's Special Nose is a "thank you" to my parents for everything they have done, and continue to do for me.

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Buy "Teddy's Special Nose"

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Teddy's Special Nose celebrates the bond between children and their teddy bears. The perfect gift for young children on Christmas or any other occasion. Teddy's Special Nose is best accompanied with a brand new teddy bear for your child to discover what makes its nose so special.


Bee is given a teddy bear for Christmas from her parents and told he has a very special nose. Take a journey with Bee and Teddy as she discovers what makes Teddy's nose so special. Teddy's Special Nose discusses topics of uniqueness and the importance of family, all while using Teddy as the central character.

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Teddy's Special Nose is available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon. Thank you for your support and I hope you and your young person enjoy the story!

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